Friday, December 09, 2005

Something New!

I like painting the walls in my house almost as much as I like rearranging my furniture.


I like new things, and paint and shifted furniture give me the facade of having something new. When you don't have the money to shop, you have to make do.

Oftentimes we hear publishers are looking for something new.

But are they really?


Really really?

Just between us, don't they just want the same thing just shifted around a bit to look new?

After reading some threads over at Romancing the Blog, I heard of this new thing in inspirational fiction--edgy inspys. Interesting. I did a little checking and discovered that a lot of inspirational readers are either bored with the crop of books that CBA publishers have tossed out to the lions or they've given up on the inspy market or they've just decided that if they want a story without any sex in it then they'll just have to make do with what's available. Gotta sacrific if you want a clean story, which I find really odd because why can't a story be basically decent and still be riviting?

This past summer I read an anthology published by Barbour. I'm not sure if the authors should be more ashamed of writing such dreck or if the publishers should be for publishing it. I know I certainly wished I had my $5.99 back. Did no one take time to edit the stories? I've read better written material in the RWA contests I judged this last year...and I haven't heard of any of those stories being sold yet. Oh wait, actually two of them have. Go, ladies!

I'm not too sure I believe these new batches of "edgy inspirationals" are much different than what's already been out in the market. A slip-cover only disguises the outside of a sofa. It doesn't fix the broken springs.

I think I'd rather just buy a new sofa, wouldn't you?

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