Saturday, July 08, 2006

Bad luck, Good luck

I've never really believed in luck. Well, I do know that to win in Dominos or Bunko, you need to have lucky draws/rolls. Skill has nothing to do with winning becuase you can be the best mathmatican or strategist, but if you don't draw the right dominios or roll the right numbers on the dice, then you're just...SOL.

I figure if you're going to play dominos at least add something to cause chaos. One way is if you play a double, then you have to satisfy it and if you can't, then you have to draw. If you still can't play, then you have to put a penny up on your lead domino and the next person must satisfy the double.


Gotta love it.

Yet when we play dominos with my in-laws, only hubby and myself love adding chaos to the game. Why? Because winning shouldn't be about luck. You should earn it.


Think some more.

And if I can't win, then I figure "what can I do to hinder the other players so my hubby can win."

No matter what people say, I'm really not competitive. I merely want people to earn the prize. Guess that's the fairness in me.

But if the family were playing a game of strategy, then my hubby would win all the time because he's a brilliant strategist...or is that stratetician? Either way, that's him.


Would you like to know where I'm going with this rambling? Then hope on over to Romance Divas' resource page. And just to help you out, here's the link:

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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Dog Be Gone

Our pup took off like the HyperSonic and now has a fractured right knee. If that weren't bad enough, his splint slid so yesterday our vet put re-wrapped his splint and put an Elizabethian collar on him. The receptionist called it a "party hat." Well, I've been to many parties and worn many hats, but an Elizabethian collar isn't anything near a "party hat."

Poor pup.

Of course, the kids think he looks hilarious with the plastic collar and green splint. My youngest calls the bandagaged splint his "sock." She'll just lay next to him and say, "I like your sock, DeeOhGee."

Last night after we brought him home from the vet, he puked on the kitchen floor. No one seemed interested in cleaning it up, so I did the nasty deed. Blech.

Guess that's how it is with life.

We all want to do the fun stuff, but when it comes down to taking responsibility for things, we want someone else to do it. In particular, Mom and Dad.

Gotta go carry the dog outside so he can potty.

Happy Independence Day!!!