Friday, January 11, 2008

Finally, she speaks...

Okay, when your sister sends you a note saying your blog is dated, it's time to blog. Of course, when your sister sends you a note TWO WEEKS ago saying your blog is dated, it's WAAAAAAAAAAAAY past time to blog.

I don't mind responding to other blogs, which is why I've been semi-active over at Seekerville ( In fact, I actually won a prize this week because I responded enough to win the runner-up prize: an autographed copy of Julie Lessman's A PASSION MOST PURE.

A few days after Julie's book came out, I bought it. My enthusiasm dampened a tad when I saw the setting date: 1913 Boston and Ireland. I'm not really a turn-of-the-century reader, but I'm sooooo glad I gave the story a chance. This book is the first inspirational I've read where the physical attraction is realistically portrayed.

Anyhoo, Julie's book is great. She takes the concept of multiple POVs and uses it to tell a unique story. In fact, no other book with so man POVs used well comes to mind.

I pray that this book will tear up the best-seller lists so publishers will see that inspirational readers can handle realistic sexual tension in their romances as well as imperfect characters.

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