Monday, January 30, 2012

Highland Crossing Reviews

"I've written one novella, The Gentleman Takes a Bride, so I know how difficult it is to fit an entire story into roughly a third of my usual word count. It's a challenge that many authors take on with great success, as in the case of four talented ladies: Laurie Alice Eakes, Pamela Griffin, Jennifer Hudson Taylor, and Gina Wellborn. Add to that my love for all things Scottish, and I've found a book I'm proud to promote: Highland Crossings. Here are four stories that reached out and grabbed me because some of my own ancestors were from Scotland, and I can imagine their struggles, trials, and adventures as they came to this wild land called America to make new lives for themselves."

~Louise Gouge, The Gentleman Takes a Bride

I enjoyed reading and getting to know these personable and well developed characters. Each gifted author adds her own personal touch to four interacting progressive storylines. These can be read in one sitting or broken up into more. If I had to pick a favorite I it would be Sugarplum Hearts. I was entertained by these well written romantic and suspenseful novellas and had a hard time putting the stories down! I found the overall message inspiring and would recommend this book to others." ~kattrox

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