One of America’s earliest summer resorts began atop the majestically wooded Schooley’s Mountain where the mecca of chalybeate springs (or “magic water”) drew visitors from near and far. Eventually the magic water disappeared, but the memories remained. Folks who live there tell the stories they heard from their grandparents who heard them from their grandparents. The four stories in Mistletoe Memories cover the almost 200 years after the house was built and center around a house that became a refuge that became an orphanage that became a home.



Light a candle in the window and sit down to a slice of fruitcake as you delight in six 19th Century romances that welcome love at Christmastide. Many traditions held dear today have their roots in the British Isles and have been practiced for over a hundred years. In these six delightful historical stories, romance is nurtured amidst baking Scottish shortbread and English mince pies, burning the yule log, and hanging kissing boughs. But each couple is also plagued by worries of the day. As Christmastide draws to a close, will faith and love endure for future celebrations?

FEATURING "Mercy Mild" by Gina Welborn

1868, New Jersey


As Christmas approaches, Civil War widow Marianne Plum thanks the Lord every day she never had children. Last thing she’d want is to raise a child alone. So when an orphaned girl arrives in town looking for her cousins, the charming and joyful Deputy Sheriff Ezekiel Norcross asks Marianne to give the child a place to stay . . . only until her cousins are found. Soon the girl’s mischievous exploits send Marianne repeatedly to Zeke, who shows her the greatest peace on earth comes with learning to give and to receive love.



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