Path to Love

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A short contemporary romance pieced together by fourteen best-selling, award-winning inspirational authors. No pre-plotting or planning. Each author picked up the story from where the previous author left off.

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Today / Moore, Oklahoma


All Leesa Ellis has to do is manage her younger sister's multi-million inheritance until she's old enough to handle it herself. But, with a sister like Andie, nothing is ever as easy as it seems. Like youth pastor Jonah McKnight. Leesa isn't sure which is more upsetting—Andie's attempt to chase after a man who's too old for her or Leesa's own attraction to him. She certainly doesn't have the time or inclination to start something with a preacher. Not when she's in the midst of her own crisis of faith. But when Andie is kidnapped, Leesa has more questions than answers. Why was Andie taken? Does it have anything to do with their parents' deaths years earlier? And why does it always feel as if God is abandoning her? Leesa turns to Jonah for help, only to find he brings a complication she never expected.




Gina Welborn * Cynthia Hickey * Jennifer Allee  

Lisa Karon Richardson

Carrie Fancett Pagels * Laurean Brooks * Lynette Sowell

Jamie AdamsEmilie Hendryx *

T.i. Lowe * Laura Hodges Poole * Sharyn Kopf

Becca Whitham * Patty Smith Hall 

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