Texas Bachelorette Trilogy

It all began in "Baker's Dozen."



Twelve prime heiresses from across the grand state of Texas arrive in Fort Worth on a beautiful October day to meet widower Duke Baker. Among those ladies are . . .



Eliza Rayburn has never met a cow she didn't love, or a man she did. Before her father passed away, oil was discovered on their west Texas ranch. Mama Rayburn soon realized Eliza needed more in her life than horses. Leaving the ranch behind, she moves Eliza to Fort Worth's prestigious Quality Hill neighborhood. When their handsome neighbor, Mr. Baker, invites them to spend three weeks in his home so his widowed son could find a wife among twelve heiress, Mama happily agrees. Eliza, though, has plans to ensure she returns to the ranch she loves most dear. 



Read all about Eliza's return to the ranch in UPON A KISS.


Eliza Rayburn flees Fort Worth, only to find the solitude she’s seeking on her horse ranch ruined

by a friend’s jilted suitor seeking revenge on the person responsible for interfering with his relationship.



Caroline "Linny" Cartwright speaks two languages, graduated from Texas Christian University, and plans the violin. For years she's begged her mother to take her on a tour of Europe. Mama's always had an excuse. So when Linny realizes Duke Baker has no interest in pursuing her, she decides to use his "spurning" for her benefit. Mama Cartwright, convinced her daughter is devestated and humiliated, insists the surest thing to heal Linny's heart is a trip across the Atlantic. Linny doesn't argue.



Read all about Linny's tour of Europe in JUST LIKE US.


Having finally convinced her mother to take her on a tour of Europe, Linny Cartwright is distracted

as much by the sights as the annoyed Scotsman who keeps showing up at every ball, museum, and library she attends.




Erin O'Keefe fell in love on her nineteenth birthday. She became engaged on her twenty-third. After nine months of grieving her fiancé’s death, Erin reluctantly accepts the invitation to Duke Baker's house party. Her mother believes Duke is the ideal man to help her shy daughter forget her loss. Erin believes Duke is, simply, perfect. If he weren't in love with another woman, she would marry him. When the vicious Eliza Rayburn and popular Linny Cartwright invite her into their matchmaking scheme, Eliza can't believe her good fortune. She came to Fort Worth to find love, and found something even better: friends. 



Read all about Eliza's second love in LASTLY THE BRIDE.

When Erin O’Keefe buried the man she loved, she retained hope of loving again, but so far the only weddings

she’s attended have been those of her friends. She may just have to take matters into her own hands.






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